Throughout its 45-year history, DICOEL has been aware of the environmental impact generated by our industrial activity.

Our activity is carried out in downtown Barcelona, i.e. the 22@ district.

Our mission is also aimed at being a sustainable company. In line with this mission, DICOEL has a Sustainability Group working team within its organisation to implement all the actions necessary for environmental, social and ethical performance.

We work on:

  • Reducing the use of polluting products in the organisation.
  • Maintaining a safe and healthy working environment.
  • Reducing the use of non-reusable plastic bags in internal manufacturing processes.
  • Reducing plastic and cardboard packaging in logistics with customers and suppliers, while applying reusable packaging, hence generating a circular economy.
  • Reducing and eliminating industrial waste in collaboration with our waste managers, within the framework of current legislation.
  • Promoting the efficient and sustainable use of energy resources (sanitary water and electricity consumption).
  • Reducing our carbon footprint, while reporting annually on GHG emissions (Scope 2).

What is more, we annually assess our performance with regard to sustainability on international rating platforms to improve and maintain our commitment to our environment.

Comprehensive service, from the idea and development of the circuit board to its use in industry

Our technical capacity is at your service for the development of electronic components, as is our lengthy experience in all types of electronic assemblies. This results in the manufacturing of electronic circuits with the highest quality standards.

Our Engineering department allows us to operate as subcontracted manufacturers of highly technical electronic assemblies designed to meet the specifications of our customers.
DICOEL’s workforce is our best asset: experienced, trained, professional staff whose commitment to excellence allows us to meet the challenges we face every day.


DICOEL  develops products in these industrial sectors, offering specific solutions for our customers’ control and automation needs.

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