Design and engineering

DICOEL has always had an Engineering department dedicated to the design of electronic equipment. This experience allows us to provide our customers with the best solutions to meet their needs.

Our team of multidisciplinary engineers covers all facets of the product, from its conception, design, programming and commissioning to testing and certification.

Our solutions go beyond electronics, as we also commit to customers in analyses of their final products, in the added value of electronic controls and in system start-ups. We maintain constant contact with our customers throughout their projects.



Customised electronics

  • Solution analysis. Drafting of needs in collaboration with customers.
  • HW design.
  • PCB design.
  • SW design.
  • Mechanical assembly.
  • Testing/certification.
  • Development of test/validation tools.
  • Electrical design.


Quality standards

We are ISO-9000- and ISO-13485-certified, and we apply these standards to all our processes. This allows us to guarantee quality, management and traceability, thus enhancing the safety of all our designs.

Sustainability criteria are applied at the design stage to minimise the product’s environmental impact. This results in long-lasting, repairable products with minimal environmental impact upon withdrawal from service.


Other services