Mission, vision and values


Dicoel proudly continues with its founding partners’ dedication to electronics. Our core undertaking is the development of electronic equipment.

At present, we are a group of individuals who are dedicated to the design and manufacturing of equipment. We are committed to using our know-how to obtain products that are technically up to date, economically competitive and qualitatively reliable, and we are a wholly self-managed company.

To this end, we develop proprietary and dynamic internal processes that have garnered the acclaim of our customers and other interest groups.


Our values are the firmly rooted, underlying beliefs and ideas about how we at DICOEL think things should be done. The company highlights service, customer focus, cohesion, the process from R&D to product, continuity, commitment, collective talent, quality, process control, rigorous management and loyalty as key factors.  

All these factors make Dicoel a company with a proven track record in the electronics sector in terms of design and manufacture of electronic controls.


Dicoel’s structure allows us to offer customers the development of electronic equipment to meet their specific needs, in addition to the manufacturing, assembly and testing of production units. Two complex areas that are different but complementary. Our design capacity sets us apart from our competitors.

Our basic goal is to be able to demonstrate clearly that the initial idea of assuming responsibility of design and manufacturing is a successful business model. In order to follow it, it is important to encourage and stimulate the definition of objectives and to push everyone towards their achievement. On the other hand, we must know how to sell our differential factor, actively relate to associations, invest in collective talent, organise our production processes, access higher-level suppliers and improve performance by minimising costs and making investments profitable.

Comprehensive service, from the idea and development of the circuit board to its use in industry

Our technical capacity is at your service for the development of electronic components, as is our lengthy experience in all types of electronic assemblies. This results in the manufacturing of electronic circuits with the highest quality standards.

Our Engineering department allows us to operate as subcontracted manufacturers of highly technical electronic assemblies designed to meet the specifications of our customers.
DICOEL’s workforce is our best asset: experienced, trained, professional staff whose commitment to excellence allows us to meet the challenges we face every day.


DICOEL  develops products in these industrial sectors, offering specific solutions for our customers’ control and automation needs.

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